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Pricing is at the discretion of your barber

Cash Only - ATM Available



Even length.  Does not include fades.

Most Haircuts



Deluxe Buzzcut


Clipper cut of multiple lenghts.

Long Hair shampoo / cut / blowdry

$55 & up

The full service version of the long haircut.  Not offered by Greg or Adam.

Long Haircut

$42 & up

This is for long hair styles, typically over the ears and at or below collar length, or most of the hair on the head is an average of 4” or more, or scissors only haircuts. Greg & Adam are usually not recommended for hair styles at or below collar length.  Adam does not offer "scissors only" haircuts.

Skin Fade


A fade where the sides/back of the head are buzzed to smooth skin with a foil shaver.
*Skin Fade by Adam: $47

Neck Trim


Trim around the ears and the back of the neck. "A clean-up between haircuts"

Beard Trims

$11 & up 

Beard trim with haircut starts at $11; additional charge for longer/more complicated beards.
$15 (& up) without haircut.



We can wash your hair upon request. Shampoo service may be necessary before a haircut if your hair is dirty/oily or has styling product present.  Extra charge for long hair.

Missed Appointment


We know the unexpected may happen or maybe you just forgot.  If you don't show up for your appointment or cancel with less than an hour notice, your barber may request the $15 missed appointment fee.

 Cash Only
ATM Available